1. There is no cost to the donor. You are under NO financial obligation to pay for any medical expenses related to the transplant. This includes lab tests and scans prior to the transplant. 

2. You have a live donor coordinator - your advocate - the entire process to ensure your health is protected. You will never be put at risk in the event that potential future health issues are discovered.


3. You cannot be compensated for an organ donation. 


4. When you make the call, you'll be pre-screened to meet certain medical criteria. Your coordinator will make arrangements to see if your blood is a match. The process takes time - after you pass the initial screening there will be several more tests to make sure you are healthy and safe. 


5. Expect 4 to 6 weeks to recover after the surgery. This time is not compensated by insurance. Part of this fundraising campaign is to help you with financial needs during your recovery period while you're away from work. 


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